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Nil 2 pcs. S 1 pc. n “n” pcs. B Basic L Single foot F Rod flange 6 6 mm Type Special function Electrical entry Indicator light Wiring (Output) Load voltage Auto switch model Lead wire length (m) Pre-wired connector Applicable load DC AC Perpendicular In-line 0.5 (Nil) 1 (M) 3 (L) 5 (Z) None (N) Solid state auto switch .. Grommet Yes 3-wire (NPN) 24 V 5 V,12 V . M9NV M9N V V V v . v IC circuit Relay, PLC 3-wire (PNP) M9PV M9P V V V v . v 2-wire 12 V M9BV M9B V V V v . v . Connector . H7C V . V V V . Diagnostic indication (2-color indication) Grommet 3-wire (NPN) 5 V,12 V M9NWV M9NW V V V v . v IC circuit 3-wire (PNP) M9PWV M9PW V V V v . v 2-wire 12 V M9BWV M9BW V V V v . v . Water resistant (2-color indication) 3-wire (NPN) 5 V,12 V M9NAV*1 M9NA*1 v v V v . v IC circuit 3-wire (PNP) M9PAV*1 M9PA*1 v v V v . v 2-wire 12 V M9BAV*1 M9BA*1 v v V v . v . With diagnostic output (2-color indication) 4-wire (NPN) 5 V,12 V . H7NF V . V v . v IC circuit Reed auto switch .. Grommet Yes 3-wire (NPN equivalent) . 5 V . A96V A96 V . V . . . IC circuit . 2-wire . 200 V . . V . V . . . . Relay, 24 V 12 V PLC 100 V A93V*2 A93 V V V V . . No 100 V or less A90V A90 V . V . . . IC circuit Connector Yes . . C73C V . V V V . . No 24 V or less . C80C V . V V V . IC circuit R Axial 6 With auto switch CDJ2 L 6 45 CJ2 Bore size Mounting With auto switch (Built-in magnet) Applicable Auto Switches/Refer to the WEB catalog or the Best Pneumatics No. 2 for further information on auto switches. L 45 Cylinder standard stroke (mm) Refer to “Standard Strokes” on page 31. S R S R M9BW Auto switch * For applicable auto switches, refer to the table below. i If a built-in magnet cylinder without an auto switch is required, refer to the model of built-in magnet cylinder. Head cover port location Number of auto switches Made to Order Refer to page 31 for details. C Note) This symbol is indicated when the D-A9l or M9l type auto switch is specified. This mounting bracket does not apply to other auto switches (D-C7l and H7l, etc.) (Nil) Auto switch mounting bracket Note) * o6 is available only as in-line style. RoHS Action S Single acting, Spring return T Single acting, Spring extend Series CJ2 o6 Air Cylinder: Standard Type Single Acting, Spring Return/Extend * Solid state auto switches marked with “p” are produced upon receipt of order. * The D-A9ll/M9lll auto switches are shipped together, (but not assembled). (However, only auto switch mounting brackets are assembled before being shipped.) .1 Water resistant type auto switches can be mounted on the above models, but in such case SMC cannot guarantee water resistance. Please contact SMC regarding water resistant types with the above model numbers. .2 1 m type lead wire is only applicable to D-A93. * Since there are other applicable auto switches than listed, refer to page 104 for details. * For details about auto switches with pre-wired connector, refer to the WEB catalog or the Best Pneumatics No. 2. . Lead wire length symbols: 0.5 m・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Nil (Example) M9NW 1 m・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ M (Example) M9NWM 3 m・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ L (Example) M9NWL 5 m・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Z (Example) M9NWZ None・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ N (Example) H7CN Example Band mounting CDJ2B6-45S-B Built-in Magnet Cylinder Model Suffix the symbol “-B” (Band mounting style) to the end of part number for cylinder with auto switch. * Refer to page 103 for auto switch mounting brackets. How to Order A 29