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Auto switch Band mounting Double knuckle joint Cylinder model: CDJ2RKA16-60Z-W-M9BW-B Ordering Example of Cylinder Assembly Mounting A: Bottom mounting style Rod end bracket W: Double knuckle joint Auto switch D-M9BW: 2 pcs. Auto switch mounting B: Band mounting * Double knuckle joint and auto switch are shipped together with the product, but not assembled. Symbol Double acting, Single rod, Rubber bumper Symbol Specifications -XAl Change of rod end shape -XC9 Adjustable stroke cylinder/Adjustable retraction type -XC51 With hose nipple -XC85 Grease for food processing equipment -X446 PTFE grease Made to Order (For details, refer to pages 107 to 116.) Refer to page 117 before handling. Precautions Bore size (mm) 10 16 Action Double acting, Single rod Fluid Air Proof pressure 1 MPa Maximum operating pressure 0.7 MPa Minimum operating pressure 0.06 MPa Ambient and fluid temperature Without auto switch : .10°C to 70°C (No freezing) With auto switch : .10°C to 60°C Cushion Rubber bumper Lubrication Not required (Non-lube) Stroke length tolerance +1.0 0 Rod non-rotating accuracy ±1.5° ±1° Piston speed 50 to 750 mm/s Allowable kinetic energy 0.035 J 0.090 J Specifications * Manufacture of intermediate strokes at 1 mm intervals is possible. (Spacers are not used.) * Please consult with SMC for strokes which exceed the standard stroke length. * Applicable strokes should be confirmed according to the usage. For details, refer to “Air Cylinders Model Selection” on front matter pages of the Best Pneumatics No. 2 or the WEB catalog. In addition, the products that exceed the standard stroke might not be able to fulfill the specifications due to the deflection etc. (mm) Bore size Standard stroke 10 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 100, 125, 150 16 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 Standard Strokes * A knuckle pin and retaining rings are shipped together with double knuckle joint. ** Can be ordered within the cylinder model. Standard Rod end nut Option** Single knuckle joint, Double knuckle joint*, Rod end cap (Flat/Round type) Accessories/For details, refer to page 20. Refer to pages 97 to 104 for cylinders with auto switches. . Auto switch proper mounting position (detection at stroke end) and its mounting height . Minimum stroke for auto switch mounting . Operating range . Auto switch mounting brackets/Part no. (g) . Rod end nut is included in the basic weight. Calculation: Example) CJ2RKA10-45Z OBasic weight・・・・・・・・・・・・ 36 (o10) OAdditional weight・・・・・ 4/15 stroke OCylinder stroke・・・・・・・・ 45 stroke 36 + 4/15 x 45 = 48 g Bore size (mm) 10 16 Basic weight (When the stroke is zero) Basic 36 62 Axial piping 36 62 Additional weight per 15 mm of stroke 4 7 Accessories Single knuckle joint 17 23 Double knuckle joint (including knuckle pin) 25 21 Rod end cap (Flat type) 1 2 Rod end cap (Round type) 1 2 Weights A cylinder which rod does not rotate because of the hexagonal rod shape. Non-rotating accuracy o10: ±1.5°, o16: ±1° 83 Series CJ2RK