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Flow-rate Characteristics N.O. Fluid and Ambient Temperature Valve Leakage Rate Internal Leakage NBR (FKM) Note 2) Seal material Leakage rate (Water) Note 1) 0.1 cm3/min or less NBR (FKM) Note 2) Seal material Leakage rate (Water) Note 1) 0.1 cm3/min or less Note) With no freezing External Leakage Ambient temperature (°C) .20 to 60 Fluid temperature (°C) 1 to 60 Symbol 2 1 Note 1) The operation of the valve may be unstable due to the capacity of the pressure supply source such as pumps and compressors or the pressure loss by the orifice of piping. Please contact SMC to check if the required valve size can be used in the application. Please contact SMC for the compatibility of the circuit flow and valve size. (Refer to page 23.) Note 2) Weight of grommet type. Add 10 g for conduit, 30 g for DIN terminal, and 60 g for conduit terminal type respectively. !Refer to “Glossary of Terms” on page 30 for details on the max. operating pressure differential. Note 1) Leakage is the value at ambient temperature 20°C. Note 2) For seal material/FKM, refer to “Other options” on page 20 for the selection. When the valve is closed, flow is blocked from port 1 to port 2. However, if the pressure in port 2 is higher than port 1, the valve will not be able to block the fluid and it will flow from port 2 to port 1. Normally Open (N.O.) Min. operating pressure differential Note 1) (MPa) Max. system pressure (MPa) Weight Note 2) (g) 1.9 2.4 5.3 9.2 10.2 46 58 130 220 245 Port size (Nominal diameter) Orifice diameter (mmo) Max. operating pressure differential (MPa) AC DC 0 0.7 0.6 1.5 Model 10 15 20 25 1/4 (8A) 3/8 (10A) 1/2 (15A) 3/4 (20A) 1 (25A) Av x 10.6 m2 Cv 630 750 1150 1350 Flow-rate characteristics VXZ2A2 VXZ2B2 VXZ2C2 VXZ2D2 Body material C37, Stainless steel For Water 8 Series VXZ