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Working Principle De-energized Right after energized (Pilot valve open) Energized (Main valve side) OUT OUT OUT IN Warning Diaphragm Return spring Pressure action chamber Supply orifice Pressure action chamber Pilot orifice Armature Supply orifice Lift spring Supply orifice IN Pressure action chamber Internal pressure IN Internal pressure Internal pressure Internal pressure Internal pressure Internal pressure Internal pressure Internal pressure Internal pressure The fluid enters from the IN goes through the supply orifice to fill the pressure action chamber. Main valve is closed by the pressure in the pressure action chamber and the reaction force of the return spring. When the coil is energized, the armature is attracted causing the pilot orifice to opening. The fluid filling the pressure action chamber flows to the OUT side through the pilot orifice. The pressure in the pressure action chamber decreases by discharging fluid through the pilot orifice. Because the force which pushes down the valve is reduced by the discharge of the fluid, the force that pushes up the main valve overcomes the push down force and opens the main valve. The main valve opens by the lift spring reaction force even if pressure on the IN side is 0 MPa or very low pressure. Unstable flow may occur with the product under the following conditions: . low flow from the pump or compressor, etc. . use of several elbows or tees in the circuit, or . thin nozzles installed at the end of the piping etc. This can cause valve opening/closing failure, or oscillation, and cause a valve malfunction. If products are used with vacuum, then the vacuum level can be unstable due to these conditions. Please contact SMC to check if the valve can be used in the application by providing the relevant fluid circuit. 23 Construction Series VXZ Dimensions Construction Options For High For Heated Water For Oil For Water For Air Specifications Temperature Oil