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Body material Body material 97 mm 93 mm93 mm ( New VXZ) (Conventional model) 0 0.02 VXZ23 MPa Pilot operated/VXD Zero differential pressure type pilot operated/VXZ Enclosure Zero Differential Pressure Type Pilot Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve RoHS Air Air Water Oil Heated water Air Water Oil Heated water !Can be used at 0 m hydraulic head! !Min. operating pressure differential: 0 MPa (When the valve opens.) 4%Smaller 27%Lighter Compact Lightweight (VXZ24, C37 (Brass) body) (VXZ23, Resin body) (4 mm) (150 g)   . Comparison with SMC conventional model .4 mm Conventional model VXZ Resin body Aluminum body Bracket Standard equipment Applicable tubing O.D. o10, o12 Metric size o3/8" Inch size . VXZ23 Aluminum, Resin (Built-in One-touch fittings) C37 (Brass) body Stainless steel body C37, Stainless steel (VXZ23 to 26) High temperature oil N.C. N.O. Valve type IP65. . Electrical entry flat terminal type terminal is IP40. New High temperature oil Height Weight . . . . CAT.ES70-51A Series VXZ New A