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Caution Operating Environment Warning 1. Do not use in an atmosphere having corrosive gases, chemicals, sea water, water, water steam, or where there is direct contact with any of these. 2. Do not use in explosive atmospheres. 3. Do not use in locations subject to vibration or impact. 4. Do not use in locations where radiated heat will be received from nearby heat sources. 5. Employ suitable protective measures in locations where there is contact with water droplets, oil or welding spatter, etc. Maintenance Warning 1. Filters and strainers 1) Be careful regarding clogging of filters and strainers. 2) Replace filter elements after one year of use, or earlier if the pressure drop reaches 0.1 MPa. 3) Clean strainers when the pressure drop reaches 0.1 MPa. 2. Lubrication When using after lubricating, never forget to lubricate continuously. 3. Storage In case of long term storage after use, thoroughly remove all moisture to prevent rust and deterioration of rubber materials etc. 4. Exhaust the drain from an air filter periodically. 1. Removing the product The valve will reach a high temperature when used with high temperature fluids. Confirm that the valve temperature has dropped sufficiently before performing work. If touched inadvertently, there is a danger of being burned. 1) Shut off the fluid supply and release the fluid pressure in the system. 2) Shut off the power supply. 3) Dismount the product. 2. Low frequency operation Switch valves at least once every 30 days to prevent malfunction. Also, in order to use it under the optimum state, conduct a regular inspection once a half year. 1. If there is a possibility of reverse pressure being applied to the valve, take countermeasures such as mounting a check valve on the downstream side of the valve. 2. When problems are caused by a water hammer, install water hammer relief equipment (accumulator etc.), or use an SMC water hammer relief valve (Series VXR). Please consult with SMC for details. 3. For pilot type 2-port solenoid valves, when the valve is closed, sudden pressure resulting from the startup of the fluid supply source (pump, compressor, etc.) may cause the valve momentarily to open and leakage to occur, so please exercise caution. 4. If the product is used in the conditions in which rapid decrease in the inlet pressure of the valve and rapid increase in the outlet pressure of the valve are repeated, excessive stress will be applied to the diaphragm, which causes the diaphragm to be damaged and dropped, leading to the operation failure of the valve. Check the operating conditions before use. Operating Precautions Warning Caution 1. As a rule, use electrical wire with a cross sectional area of 0.5 to 1.25 mm2 for wiring. Furthermore, do not allow excessive force to be applied to the lines. 2. Use electrical circuits which do not generate chattering in their contacts. 3. Use voltage which is within ±10% of the rated voltage. In cases with a DC power supply where importance is placed on responsiveness, stay within ±5% of the rated value. The voltage drop is the value in the lead wire section connecting the coil. 4. When a surge from the solenoid affects the electrical circuitry, install a surge voltage suppressor etc., in parallel with the solenoid. Or, adopt an option that comes with the surge voltage protection circuit. (However, a surge voltage occurs even if the surge voltage protection circuit is used. For details, please consult with SMC.) Wiring Warning 1. Do not apply AC voltage to Class “H” coil AC type unless it is built in full-wave rectifier, or the coil will be damaged. Series VXZ Specific Product Precautions 4 Be sure to read before handling. Refer to back cover for Safety Instructions, “Handling Precautions for SMC Products” (M-E03-3) and the Operation Manual for 2 Port Solenoid Valves for Fluid Control Precautions. Please download it via our website, http://www.smcworld.com 40