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Caution Electrical Circuits One-touch Fitting Caution For information on handling One-touch fittings and appropriate tubing, refer to page 39 and the KQ2 series One-touch fittings in Best Pneumatics No. 6. The KQ2 series information can be downloaded from the following SMC website, http://www.smcworld.com Light Varistor Varistor Varistor Rectifier element 2 1 2 1 Rectifier element SOL. Varistor SOL. 2 (., +) 1 (+, .) SOL. Light 2 (., +) 1 (+, .) 2 (., +) 1 (+, .) SOL. SOL. With surge voltage suppressor Grommet, DIN terminal, Conduit terminal, Conduit Without electrical option Grommet, Flat terminal Without electrical option Grommet, DIN terminal, DIN terminal, Conduit terminal Conduit terminal, Conduit DIN terminal, Conduit terminal With light/surge voltage suppressor With light/surge voltage suppressor [AC circuit] [DC circuit] Series VXZ Specific Product Precautions 6 Be sure to read before handling. Refer to back cover for Safety Instructions, “Handling Precautions for SMC Products” (M-E03-3) and the Operation Manual for 2 Port Solenoid Valves for Fluid Control Precautions. Please download it via our website, http://www.smcworld.com A 42